Sunday, June 8, 2008

The wheels on the droid go round and round

Late last night the delivery man dropped off a package. I was hoping it was my remote but it was my new E-scooter wheels.
These wheels are a half inch in diameter smaller then the old ones which let me put them on the lowest setting without rubbing.The wheels came with a break but I will not need them so I took them off.
Also if you will notice my new camera phone is in the shot. What a piece of junk! Jason (Dash) was nice enough to lend me his camera for a while so I could keep updating my blog.
Thanks Dash!I used the new belts I got that DarthWill suggested and everything is now fitting like a glove!
Here is a side by side shot of my old setup and the new one. My ride height is now where I would like it.

Also my motor holders are now perfectly level which was another thing that was bugging me. I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions and help on this matter. I know this new setup will not work great on carpet but it is better than not moving at all.

All I need now are some backup scooter motors. I would like to get 135 watt 24 volt ones. Any clue where to get a decent pair for low cost?

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