Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fazoli's kids Night

We had a great time!
I would also like to that the 501st members that came down to support us :)
Fazolis set a record night when we were there. R2s got Mojo!

This is the manager who invited us to attend and her kids.Even KITT showed up to the party!

The adults were taking pictures with the group just as much as the kids LOL.
You can see the start of my Jedi Costume in a few photos here. It still has a long way to go.

Our favorite pose. Charlie's Angels.
I need a haircut soon :P
A long line for photo opps.

A reporter came down to do a story on us from UNO college.

Fazoli's staff
This guy has never seen star wars and he paid for it with his life hahaha.

The kid in the back was infatuated with the stormtrooper and would not leave the poor guy alone HAHA.

All the rest of the pictures will be on our websight and on the Astromech.net galleries later this week.

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