Thursday, November 20, 2008

Patches is down but not out.

Had to change out my dome motor after breaking some teeth off it at NebrasKon. I think it started happening a long time ago when my dome became stuck at Vala's. Lucky I had a spare.

The guys are coming over for a build night to see how the legs are put together and I decided to take Patches completely apart so I can sand the frame a bit smaller so the skins fit better.
Denny came over early to help and take pics.
Here is what Patches looks like before the tear down.....
First we took off all the doors then the skins themselves.

Next I took out the motor controller and recever so as not to get them filled up with saw dust.
Next I took out the arms and the Fire extinguisher.

Once the rest of the gang came we took the outer legs off and took them apart

Poor R2-CM looks like R2 in that one scene of clone wars where he is taken all apart.
We got an inventory of what parts and pipes I used for mine and multiplied it by 6. Then we went to Menards and got the parts for the six new droids.

Come to find out I have an event to be at on December 6th, not a lot of time to get everything done and back together.

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