Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shoulders, legs, and pipes

Tonight we finished our leg hubs.

First Dash tested out a bit to drill the 3 3/8 hole for the resin hubs. It works but is not strong enough. I will have to order one online.
While we were waiting for everyone to show up Dash sanded his frame.
We finished drilling all the holes in the hubs for attachment.

After getting the layout drawn our newest member Jen traced out the center portion of the leg to be cut out of the 3/4 inch pieces.
After Jen traced them out Clay cut them out on the ban saw.
Dash and Brad cut the leg pipes to length....
...while I ground off all the burs and sharp edges.We also ground the burs off the electrical plates.
We bolted the hubs together and covered both threads with liquid nail.
Brad held the pipe with a pipe wrench while I torqued on all the fittings by hand.
Now we have 5 sets of leg connectors!
Here is a group photo with our newest member.
From left to right we have... Dash, Clay, Jen, Moose, and Brad.
L.C. could not make it :(

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