Monday, January 19, 2009

New Tools

Another Tim Allen Moment with Moose....

OK I'm Better.
My trusty cordless drill batteries finally gave out after 10 years of use so yesterday I went and got my very first Lithium powered drill. It is only a 16v compared to my old 19.2v but with the new batteries lasting till they completely drain makes up for it. I cant wait to make it wander home from work and use it on a droid. HEHEHE.

I am also learning how to make electronic circuits from scratch and soldering them. Defiantly not the same as wiring up a house or a 67 El-Camino! Doing copper plumbing is way easier to solder as well! :P Any who I went out and got some helping hands for my soldering work, regular clamps were not cutting it.

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