Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FIT-TROOPER first update

Well things are going slow but I am making the changes here and there. I am exercising a little bit more and eating less snacks late at night. Like I said before I would quit cold turkey but i think slowly weening myself out of the habit would be better for the long term. I have found that eating a little protein like meat as a snack late at night keeps my hunger cravings at bay for the late night hours. You need to make sure it is real meat and not mass made deli meats or hot dog type stuff. They have a lot of added salt and chemicals most of the time that seam to make me hungrier. (Just my opinion)

As of this morning I am now down to 227.6 so I am happy. Considering my starting weight was 247.0 I am just a hair shy of loosing 20 lbs to date!

With the weather starting to warm up getting outside more should help so I can go walking in the forest or bike on the bike trail. In fact I might go on the bike trail after work today instead of working on R2. "WHAT! DID I JUST SAY THAT!" lol

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