Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Deadline of Thursday Night

Jen's droid is slowly getting there. We only have one and a half nights left to try and get her droid standing for FCBD. I stopped home just now and brought her frame inside because the temperature is dropping and the dew point is climbing. With the skins off everything looks good. I set the frame on a level table and filled exposed joints with glue on the bottom side.

Here is a picture of her droid as it stands. Still need to drill the leg holes, weld up the center leg bar, level and drill the leg mount bolts, put the main eye on while finding a temporary way to keep the dome top from slipping off, put in the sound system, and stand the whole thing up on it's legs.

No pressure :P

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Unknown said...

You started a month ago and you're farther along than I am after a year.