Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back to building

Syrena showed up first and she brought her dome to show how the sanding is going. Looking good!
We needed to make some shoulder hubs for her and Steve's R2 legs so we made a new template with the widow maker tool.
Once that was done the circle piece of wood was used to make outlines for the other three pieces and Syrena and Jeff cut rough cut them out.
After that we took a break for a couple of minutes to watch the deer run behind my BARN,
Steve got to work cutting the notches out for his frame with Dash on the jigs.......while Jeff notched out the smaller frame pieces on the band saw.
New member Nate started on his frame as well tonight. He got all four cirlce pieces cut and routered smooth.
LC did some finishing work on his skirt.
The BARN was covered in so much saw dust that Jen spent most of the night just cleaning it off of everything.
Thanks Hon!Also even with all the tables I have it still tends to get crowded on most tables.
Time to hunt up some more :)

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