Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vala's with the 501st

Another year at Vala's with the 501st. Always a fun event.
Most of the day was warm and sunny and we had fun with the crowds of people and friends.
Two Jedi, champions of the force. R2 is in awe.
When we needed to take a break we had a bon fire in the back with food and drink.
Here is a group photo with just some of the troopers that were there that day.
R2-D2 and R2-CM are looking more like brothers every day :)
Here Brad's R2 is sporting his new skins that used to be on my R4-ED.
R2 and patches turn to face the camera while sharing a joke with each other.
After a few hours it started to rain so 501st memberJohn lent us his canopy. Even with the rain the people kept coming up for pictures.
A Jedi being tempted by the dark side....they have cookies.
Dawmer was nice enough to help out with bringing the dance floor back and forth to the event. Here I am all wet, muddy, cramp, and tired after we got home. Well worth it though, had a lot of fun.

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