Thursday, March 18, 2010

Workshop 2.0 Part Seven

I was going to sand and paint Patches' legs today but the garage had so much stuff thrown around and no light, I could not get to anything I needed. So I decided to get the space in some kind of order and beef up the security.
Denny came by and we took a trip to the store where I got this new steel door. The old door was falling apart and I did not like that it had windows.
I also put wire mesh over all the windows so that even with no glass no one can get in.
There are some other security features I did as well but it would be stupid to blog about them.
Denny gave me a hand cleaning while working on his costume. Here he is sporting his new Stargate. Thanks for the help Denny :)
Here the garage is cleaned up and a little organized. Even with help it took all afternoon.
We took out three trash can loads of junk and two bags of leaves.
I also got all the original lights working in the garage plus we hung one of the florescent lights from the old BARN. I will wire that in later.
Even with the TARDIS, boxes, and shelves that need to be gone through I can still get the trailer inside.
If the snow holds off tomorrow maybe I can at least get some primer on Patches' legs.

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