Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fit Trooper 2.0 Take One

It may be April 1st but the only person I am fooling is myself. At the beginning of the year I decided to take better care of my health and in some ways I did but I am still at 233 lbs and I have been sick a lot lately again. Also I turn 36 this month and have yet to get any bucket list stuff done other than getting T3 up and running.
In fact the majority of bucket list stuff I got done last year was mostly droid stuff. Although I am proud of the droid stuff I accomplished for me and for others it is not the only thing in my life. My spiritual and physical life needs to stop taking a back seat and move more to the forefront.
Today I want on a 3+ mile bike ride. As I went down to the park I stopped to watch a train go by.Most of the park is reopened after flooding a few weeks ago.
The river is still pretty high. You can see Iowa on the other side.
I did not do this but I think it is cool. I will have to bring Patches to this bench some day.
One of my favorite spots to read.
A mile away from everything. My town up on the hill.
Now I am at home blogging while drinking some herbal tea instead of soda :)
Then it is back to work.

I am also thinking of converting the attic space into a yoga/meditation center if time and money permit. The basement workshop/laundry area just does not cut it.

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Jeff "Dawmer299" said...

If you need help with your attic, let me know. I'd be honored to help. Also, can't wait to work out with ya. Were in the same boat!