Sunday, August 29, 2010

Adjusting, adding, and fixing servos

This is one part of Patches I think I will never be done with. SERVOS!
Today I decided to tinker around with his.
First I adjusted his upper arm about a half a degree. Just so it looks better to me when closed.

Then I installed a servo for the door next to the coin slots. The more gadgets I add the less room I have to work with inside so I have to contort to get to certain areas.
Tada I got to it! Now to tighten it all up.
I also took off one of his long door hinges so I can clean it up and reinstall it. The hinge was coming loose from the skins because a burr developed and was making it hard to swivel open. That put un-needed stress on the glue bond.
Now off to do non Star Wars things for the rest of the day. How boring. :P

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Oh your hinges are just glued in?

Oh & here's a link to that article your droid is in.