Tuesday, September 7, 2010


No building going on right now but have been doing a lot of parts ordering.
For Patches I finally got a hold of some JAG hinges for the long doors on the front. Hopefully this will help the doors shut more evenly.
I also ordered a new 12 button remote for my K-9 project as well as some power car antennas.
T3 is getting a slip ring so I can take the battery out of his head and use only one Picaxeinside his body instead of two (one in the head and one in the body). The Picaxe that is freed up will be used for K-9's systems.

Other items I need to order are a higher amp battery for Patches transmitter, larger lead acid batteries for T3. A Saber-tooth dual motor controller and cheap 6 channel remote for K-9.
These items will have to wait till I get CV paid off in full. :P

Also I will continue work on R3's legs so I can paint them before it gets to cold.

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