Friday, October 1, 2010

Building and BBQing Part 1

I repaired the driveway earlier this week so we all decided to take it for a test spin. Denny was the first to come over, he was working on his clone armor.Right now he is working on the bicep pieces.
While he was doing that I cut out two center vent covers by hand for R3 and R4. Lots of measuring to do!
The wind settled down for a bit so I painted the center vent cover for Jen's R3 after it was cut out and rough sanded..
While the paint was drying I cut out some ankle bracelets as well for the droid's legs.
Here is the finish vent cover, now I just need to mount everything once Jen is done making her cutom louvers for the insides.
Next I helped Denny glue his bicep pieces together and set them aside in clamps to dry.
More to come...

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