Monday, April 18, 2011

Get er' done day

Today I was at home installing ceiling fans and cleaning house and I got a bit dirty, so I decided to stay that way for a bit longer and get some robot work done as well.
First I wired up a different motor system in K-9's head so it moves more like the real one does. I also started cleaning up the extra wiring in his body. Boy what a mess! Hope to have the new head system done later this week.

Next I played around with the new R2 dome I got. I cleaned up all the tabs and got a tight fit to the inner dome.
Once that was done I cut the holes for the front and back holos.
Front view with R3's eye.
It started getting cold in the downstairs workshop so I moved on up to the main floor work area. I made some side pieces for R4's body.

More to come!

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