Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Steampunk Garden Get together

I was looking at my own blog for a change and realized there are a few events and projects I forgot to post about last year! So now is a better time than any to post them. Here is the first of many....

Last spring I made a Steampunk backpack for some local steampunk events. I found a few photos if the event, here they are in no particular order. Here is Jack taking my backpack on its first test run. In these pictures the backpack is about 90% complete. Jack's trusty monkey at his side as the weapon warms up.
Group photo at the end of the days event. It is really late at night by the time we left and had to walk back to the entrance in the dark.
Action Photo!!!!

Here, the trains that I run in the summer for the gardens are behind us. I think Jack wants his monkey to ride one of the trains. LOL
Taking a break at the indoor display area.
The backpack actually dose run on gear power and shoots out smoke.
Steampunks travel the world in 80 minutes!!!
Strike a pose!!!
No, I am not a Steampunk Ghostbuster. I get asked that all the time. LOL

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BlueBengal said...

Quite the interesting combo of settings! Japanese gardens and Steampunk! You guys look awesome!! Makes me wish I could join the fun, I need to catch a break and work on my steampunk white rabbit.