Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What a piece of Junk! - Luke Skywalker

As much as I could use a new chop saw it just is not in the cards right now as I just got the new table saw. I defiantly don't want to get a cheap-o one again. So instead I decided to make my old one usable again that was being used as a make shift angle iron cutter for welding projects.
First I cleaned it up a bit and took apart what I could. Making sure the blade and fence were 90 degrees from one another I reset all the dials to 0.

I made a taller back fence for cutting molding out of cabinet grade plywood being sure to countersink the bolt holes so the bolts and washers are below the surface.

I then took the stock blade that came with my new table saw and installed it in the chop saw. I also took the blade shield with the clear plastic front part that was almost cut in half and cleaned up the cut up edges and put clear packing tape on it to hold it together again.

After reinstalling the protective shield and making sure it worked right I took the big red knob for changing the angles and fixed it. It was cracked and the end cap kept popping of so I used some red electrical tape to hold it all back together.

Testing out the saw I made two 45 degree cuts through the new wood fence, I checked all the angles again and everything still lines up. Later I will put the side support rails on when I get back to doing the molding for the kitchen.

Once the chop saw was done I turned my attention back to my new table saw and continued to scrape the paint out of the bad miter slot. This is my fourth time scrapping with paint thinner and I am still getting this much paint out of the rail! It is sliding fine now but need to get a hair more paint out so the miter rail runs flush with the surface of the table.

When I was done dinking around with the painted slot, I  made a fence extension for the miter gauge in the good slot being sure to recess the bolt just like before.

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