Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The birth of "SCRUBS"

When I was at Wall-mart getting the tub for the body of my scrubber droid I saw a remote control Hummer that looked like it would fit perfectly inside it. I got it a few days later and after taking off the bumpers and all the other non esential body parts it fit inside like a glove.

I will make a frame attached to the top of the Hummer out of plastic 1x2 that will keep the vehicle centered on the container and raise the wheels an extra inch outside the container.The inside of the box and the top of the new upper frame will have Velcro for easy removal from one another.
Here is a picture of all the parts I got so far for my Scrubber Droid.
Surprisingly the left over aluminum from my R2 skins fit inside the logo area perfectly!
Other things are, stove gas line, LED lights for a trailer.....
Craft parts from a hobby store.....

kitchen door pulls from Menards
Cable hold downs and pull threws.
I am also adding one of my PICAXE controllers to blink the LEDs on the unit. The top two Red LED trailer lights will blink in Morse Code the word "SCRUBS". I wonder how many non builders will notice. LOL

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