Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Scrub's" first drive

The other day my friend Denny came over and gave me a hand with my scrubber droid.
After I had built a new Luggage rack for the top of the Hummer He helped me cut off all the screw heads, reasemble the Hummer, and put on the velcro.
Carefully I lined up the Hummer after getting it put back together and gently set it in place and pushed down evenly so the Velcro was seated.
The clearance is an inch all the way around to the ground and the tires do not rub when turning now.
We took it out in the cold for a quick spin and everything works fine.
I even took it off road and it still zipped along fine. The battery only lasts 20 minutes. 25 if it is on level ground. Plenty of time for me :)

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