Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NebrasKon 2008

Went to the NebrasKon anime festival with fellow builder Clay and a few member of the 501st. We had a blast playing human Chess, doing demonstrations and skits, and just meeting the public at large. I also wore my Jedi costume I made but it still needs some work. Here is a Video of part of a skit we made up on the fly, I am the one with the green saber in the start. Patches shoots Vader with the fire extinguisher and eggs him on. LOL I have tons more vids I will add later on Youtube.

Here is a video of Patches coming in before the opening and before everyone else arrived. Denny shows off Patches while i hide in the background controlling him.

Here are a few of the 200 pics from the event that my friend Denny took. you can see them all at or on my Myspace page.

Patches getting his ID badge
Jedi Vs Sith. I'm the one with the green saber.
Fighting Vader's apprentice
Tuba guy playing to Patches playing the main Star Wars theme.
Patches meeting and greeting the crowd.
Patches playing human Chess as the black King.
Group Photo!
Now that is a cute Bunny!
Everyone just loves the droids!

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Jawa Jaka said...

OMG! You had so much better fun than I did at MileHi Con! I'm thinking of going to Plano, TX for Star Wars Fan Days next year, but if there are no conflicts, I sure would like to come to Nebraskcon next year. Anything but MileHi....LOL

Patches looks great! His personality sure is showing. Give him big hugs for me...