Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dash's motor mounts

Dash came over for a bit and we finished putting his motor mounts together.
Drilling for the rivets first while trying not to kill each other with the drill. LOLThen putting the pop rivets in that hold the omni bracket in.
We then put all the bushings in and the motors then installed them on Dash's R2-DR frame.
Then, after adjusting the height of the center leg and tightening up the muffler clamps on the legs R2-DR is standing on his own with a very happy Dash at his side.Once that was done we had a little time to work on my motor mounts as well. I will finish them up this weekend when we finish Brad's I hope.

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Falcon-One said...

Yo go Moose, and Dash, Soon wh will have a boat load of droids running around.