Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Patches' rear skins and door

With the weather finally warm I am preping to do some gluing and painting of the rear side of R2-CM. I went threw my piles of skin parts and got all the pieces for the rear doors.
I will need to file them tomorrow evening before gluing them up.
I took the one panel that has the autographs and sprayed three thin coast of clear coat on them to help protect the signatures. All went well so far.
I centered the rear outer door piece on the back skin and traced an inner and outer line around the edges.
I then removed the door and traced a line between the other two lines, that will be the cut line.
Taking the skin to the garage, Denny assisted in helping me cut the lines as straight as possible on the band saw.
Everything looks good.
Also while I had the back skin off I countersunk the screw holes from before that I could not reach with the legs in the way.
With the rear inside skin reattached and the outer skin clamped on, the reveal is perfect all the way around. The overhang on the back side of the door looks just as good. Now with the rear side of Patches open again I can start cleaning up some of the new wiring as well. LOL

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Batman said...

WOW - looking really good!