Thursday, June 18, 2009

dome panel hole

Now that my periscope is close to done I needed to go back to the dome and widen the dome hole it will come out of. As you can see the existing hole was just rough cut out as the panel was hot glued on for a whole year.
I started off by taping the underside with blue tape and newspaper to help keep the electronics clean of aluminum shavings.
I then taped off the top side right up to the lines I want to keep. The exsposed aluminum area in the middle is what I am taking off.
Filing away!
I am right up to my lines but still need to do the final sanding, I will do that after I check to see if the periscope even clears the hole. The filing went well but just my luck my file slipped once and hit the only area that was not covered by something, I will have to go back and touch up the brown circle on top.

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