Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I must be crazy! Frame run #2!

A few members decided to build a run of four more wood frames as our new member needs to make one anyway.
Even with all my current droid projects and missing the last week and a half of work because of poison oak I am going to build one of them for myself. (You only live once)

I showed the group how to lay out the 18" circles and let Dawmer have a go at it.
Steve came over to make some parts for Dawmer's motor holders.
Everyone took a turn to rough cut the circles with the jig saws.
Then Jen, Dawmer and me cut the tabs to the line on the band saw.
While we were doing the band saw work Brad and Dash made the final pass on the router table with all 16 circles.
We were having such a good time that we did not realize how late it was getting so we wrapped it up at 10:15pm
The next build night is Saturday at Brad's for a change. If my poison oak does not get any worse by then I will attend.

This frame if I ever get around to putting a dome and skins on it will be my first R2-D2, all my other units have been customs.
This frame will be two leg mode only as the money for another RC one is out of the question.

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