Friday, September 24, 2010

ED 2.0

 Now that R3 has her new legs I thought it was time to put poor ED back together. He has had a rough year, being scavenged for parts for the other droids in the group. He was down to just a frame and dome :(
First I started with putting his legs back on.
 Then I flipped him over and put his motor holders back on as well as his omniballs.

Next I put his dome motor bracket back on and prepped the new lazy susan for installation.

 A new builder asked me a few days ago how to install the lazy susan correctly, so I will go into extra detail here. On the outer race, take out every other rubber leg and put some tape over the area around the hole so debris can not get in the bearing. Then find a drill bit that is the same size as the hole that the rubber leg was in. Carefully drill the hole all the way through the race so it comes out the other side. These holes will be use to mount the lazy susan to your frame. The inner race will have bolts to hold the dome on. The picture below shows what I am talking about.
 With the dome motor bracket installed is time to mount the lazy susan. I still need to get the right sized bolts for the bearing so I will post pictures of that instillation later.
 With the top end together I put on ED's bottom end skirt. Just a couple drywall screws and it was done.
 Here he is standing back up on his own three feet. He still may not look like much bit at least he is together.
Another bonus with him being together is I now have more work space! :D

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