Thursday, September 23, 2010

The switch

Today R3 gets her new legs. Here is a before picture with her old ones. The old legs will go back on R4.
Now that the paint has cured a few days I added the shoulder pieces back on with the new chrome strapping.
Next I took all the wiring out of the old legs and took off the motor holders and reinstalled them on the new legs.

For the next part Denny came over to lend a hand so I did not mess up the new paint job.
He held the body up on the center leg while I tinkered around putting the legs together.
Then when everything was lined back up the muffler clamps were tightened back up.
Thanks for helping Denny!
Here she is with her new black legs! Now I just need to add all the detail pieces as I get them done.


Jessica said...

On Facebook you called it R3-TL. What does the TL stand for?

Britfest said...

The TL stands for Time Lord.
It used to be PD for perpetual darkness.

It may change again by the time I am done building it. LOL